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With effect from the 1st November we are no longer practicing at Crumlin Road.

Our New contact details are :

Tel : 086 853 2931
email :
web :

Instead we are now providing Eye examinations and spectacles in your own home. There will be NO Extra Charge for this through your Medical Card Optical Benefit.

For those who do not have state benefit, we are offering this service at a bargain price :

We will call to you and do the eye test in the comfort of your own home. You will have no parking problems and we will make one pair of glasses (either distance, intermediate or readers) to a standard type of frame to include delivery and aftercare for €95 including VAT. We can provide designer fashion and budget frames at an extra cost from €80 upwards.

Friday, December 4, 2009

What They Are Saying about us

“Dominic was a member of Networth, a business networking club run by Accelerating Performance. He was one of our most motivated members, who contributed greatly to the network by his enthusiasm and ability to communicate, assist and motivate others. Dominic was also prompt and thoughtful in all his correspondence with Accelerating Performance, keeping us updated on his progress in the network, and always confirming his attendance at events. We were pleased to have Dominic as a member of Networth, as he helped to make networking successful for all our members.” October 15, 2009

Jessica Monk , Business Development Manager , Accelerating Performance
was with another company when working with Dominic at D.Mulvey Opticians Ltd.

“Dominic approaches his work in an honest and professional manner. I have used Dominics service in the past and I found Dominic to be truely interested in the right results for me the client more so than in just making a quick € for his business. I have known Dominic for a number of years now and find him to be very reliable and honest. I would have no problem in recommending Dominics service to any person or organisation that requires assistance in regard to eye treatment for themselves or their staff” July 31, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Good Value

Brendan Newe
hired Dominic as a Optician in 2007

“Dominic never loses sight of his objectives and is excellent in his field. His web presence ~ " A site for sore eyes" Highly recommended ~ Dave Breen” June 23, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Good Value

David Breen
hired Dominic as a Optician in 2000 , and hired Dominic more than once

“Dominic is a great optician - he provided me with prescription sunglasses and was reliable and thorough in his service provision. He also travels to client sites and provides a corporate eye care service which I think is brilliant.” June 21, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , On Time

Paula Egan
hired Dominic as a Optician in 2009

“Dominic provides a very efficient & personal service. I would gladly recommend him.” June 17, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , On Time

Daniel Collins
hired Dominic as a Optician in 2009 , and hired Dominic more than once

“I found dealin gwith Dominic exceelent and very informative. A man that knows his stuff...” June 17, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Brendan Looney
hired Dominic as a Optician in 2007 , and hired Dominic more than once

“With a family history of Glaucoma and Diabetes, it is important for me to have my eyes checked more regularly than most. Dominic has looked after this aspect of my health nearly every six months since 2006. Dominic not only is an expert in his profession, but in contrast to what I found previously from attending the "Mass Market" outlets dealing in eye care, he also has that way of putting you at ease and convincing you that you are not just another customer. I have no hesitation in recommending Dominic to anyone.” June 15, 2009

Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , High Integrity

Chanel Traynor
hired Dominic as a Optician in 2006 , and hired Dominic more than once

“I went to Dominic for my last pair of varifocals and his serivce was superb. Complete eyetest excellent variety of frames and al round good serivce. I would recomend his service without hesitation.” June 15, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value

Tony Clarke
hired Dominic as a Optician in 2008

“When I needed an eye examination, Dominic provided an excellent service with sensitivity and reassurance. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dominic to both friends and clients.” June 15, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

Annette Tierney
hired Dominic as a Optician in 2007

“Dominic Mulvey is a very proficient man who is very reliable, honest and efficient in every aspect both personally and professionally. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services that Dominic provides particularly because he will make the task of getting people eyes tested easy for both everyone involved. Dominic will always have the best solution in Eye wear for anyone that requires his professional service. The other great thing that Dominic provides in his service is that his operation is completely mobile and he can travel to your place of business or residence to carry out eye tests. I look forward to seeing a brighter future because of D.Mulvey Opticians Brian Managing Director Monte Carlo Entertainment” June 15, 2009

Brian O Reilly , Managing Director , Monte Carlo Entertainment
was with another company when working with Dominic at D.Mulvey Opticians Ltd.

“I have worked with Dominic in Business Networking events. He is extremely resourceful and helpful, and is always looking out for new ways of improving himself and his services. It is a privilege to know Dominic and I can only recommend him wholeheartedly to evereyone I know.” June 15, 2009

Merja Sumiloff , Owner , Holistic Massage Services
was with another company when working with Dominic at D.Mulvey Opticians Ltd.

“I went to Dominic to get a new pair of glasses .The Service he provides is excellant and i would recommend him without hesitation . Thanks Dominic” June 15, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Kieran O'Connell
hired Dominic as a optician in 2008 , and hired Dominic more than once

“Dominic is a consciencious, innovative thinker with a consistent drive and ambition to create a balanced exciting for himself and the people he works with. It is my pleasure to recommend him to anyone seeking to achieve the same goal. James Kennedy” June 15, 2009

James Kennedy , Owner , SmartNote
was with another company when working with Dominic at D.Mulvey Opticians Ltd.

“Dominic combines the utmost in professionalism with genuine charm and good humor. These are excellent qualities in any business but all the more desirable in an increasingly 'pile-em-high' culture.” June 15, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

Denis Goodbody
hired Dominic as a Business Consultant in 2007

“I'm both a client and network colleague of Dominic's and find him to be a capable and helpful professional who works hard to look after his customers. I happily recommend him.” June 15, 2009

Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , High Integrity

Gerard Tannam
hired Dominic as a Optician in 2007

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Protecting Your Eyes from the harmful UV Radiation in Sunlight

Sun Safety for your eyes

A recent survey showed that while the majority of the public were aware of the damage UV light can do to the skin, the majority of individuals surveyed, did not know that UV light can seriously damage the eyes. So, the Association of Optometrists is urging the general public to take care and be sun aware.

Exposure to UV light, found in sunlight can cause damage to or lead to cancer of the eye lids and skin around the eyes. It can speed up and increase the risk of sight threatening conditions such as cataracts and age related macular degeneration (AMD). It can also cause problems such as pterygium and pinguecula, which are growths which form on the conjunctiva of the eye and can lead to problems with the eyes in the future. Even just one day exposure to the sun can lead to sunburn of the cornea, which is painful and can cause temporary vision loss.

Just as sunlight ages the skin, it ages the eye. Research indicates that wearing the correct sunglasses can reduce aging in the eye by 20 years and reduces the risk of early cataract formation by up to 40%.

In choosing the right sunglasses, the advice is;

· Use lenses which block out 99% of UVA and UVB light

· Mirrored, polarizing and photochromatic lenses may not provide enough UV protection, additional UV filters may be required

· Fashion and designer sunglasses may not provide adequate protection or give good clarity of vision

· Lenses should provide clear distortion free vision and should not affect colour perception

· If participating in outdoor sports, choose sunglasses which suit the visual requirements of the sport and are impact resistant

· Frames should be wide and deep enough to cover the whole eye area. They should have wrap around or thick sides to prevent light leaking in.

· Most prescriptions can be made up in proper sunglass frames with lenses which are fully UV protective, polarizing and anti-glare.

· If you wear contact lenses talk to your optometrist about lenses which have built in UV filters in the lens material.

· Wear a wide brimmed hat as well as your sunglasses in very sunny conditions to maximise protection.

Children are most at risk. They are outside more and their delicate eyes are more permeable to UV radiation. 80% of sun damage to the eyes is done by the age of 18! Parents should encourage children to wear good sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat.

Some medications can increase your sensitivity to light. These drugs can make your eyes more prone to sun damage. If you are taking such drugs, remember to take extra care with your eyes and be extra vigilant about protecting them from light, even in dull conditions, when outdoors.

Reprinted from the Website of the Association of Optometrists

Monday, July 27, 2009

An Bord Snip to axe Eye Care !

An Bord Snip proposes to abolish the Eye Examination for people who pay PRSI

Bord Snip proposals would cause increase in blindness and visual impairment
Proposals would also increase cost of treating blindness
The Association of Optometrists Ireland (AOI) has warned that abolition of the Optical Benefit Scheme as proposed in the Bord Snip report would lead to an increase in blindness and visual impairment.
The AOI also warned that it would cause an increase in the overall cost to the State of treating blindness.
AOI Optometric Advisor, Lynda McGivney-Nolan said that stopping the scheme would lead to an inevitable reduction in regular eye examinations among pensioners and older people who are those most at risk of developing incurable eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.
“The critical factor in prevention of visual impairment and blindness is early identification of the condition followed by appropriate treatment. The vast majority of eye examinations are performed by Optometrists (Opticians) who always check/screen for these conditions and refer for treatment when necessary.
In 2008 the Optical Benefit Scheme provided 200,000 eye examinations at a cost of €5m. The vast majority of these were for people over 55. If the scheme is discontinued it is inevitable that many people will cease to have regular eye examinations, particularly older people who are retired and living off their pension. This will significantly increase their risk of vision loss and irreversible eye disease,” she said.
A recent report from VISPA (the Visual Impairment Service Providers Association) indicated that the number of blind people in Ireland aged 55 and over would increase by 170% between 2006 and 2031. “This highlights the need for appropriate investment in the early detection of eye conditions and the measure proposed by the McCarthy Report would exacerbate this trend,” she said.
Ms. McGivney-Nolan added that an increase in the incidence of late diagnosis of eye disease would also cost the State more in the long run due to increased cost in the secondary and tertiary treatment of blindness.
The AOI also highlighted the following points:
• 98% of people over 50 need regular eye examinations.
• The majority of claimants in the Optical Benefit Scheme are over 50 and very many are retired.
• Those claiming the benefit have already paid for it through their PRSI contributions.
• The proposal flies in the face of Government policy to enhance the provision of primary health care.

Ronan Cavanagh, Montague Communications: (01) 830 3116 or (096) 317 9731.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


5. I find my eyes are tired after a long day at work on the computer. What could be the cause of this ?

If you are sure that you are not suffering from any debilitating illness such as anaemia and that you are getting a full night's good quality sleep, then the problem is more than likely an optical one. You may need spectacles specifically for use with your computer.

This problem may exist in isolation in which case I would prescribe single vision spectacles focussed on the computer screen. It may also be combined with an underlying difficulty with small print in which case I would prescribe bifocal lenses that are designed specifically for use with the computer screen. These lenses have a power in thenm that is focussed on the screen and a small seg which is focussed on the person's reading distance. This allows them to have clear vision at both the computer screen and for very small print at their normal reading distance. They are not suitable for long distance vision and should only be used at the computer terminal. I call these lenses Compufocals (c).

If you feel there may be a problem with your vision when using computer screens, you should contact the Health and Safety Officer or HR Manager in your company and have them arrange for us to call and test the staff in your office (our number is 0868532931).

Friday, March 6, 2009

FAQ Continued

4 How Does My Optical Benefit Work ?

Optical Benefit is provided by the (Irish) State in two different ways.

The Medical Card (HSE, Department of Health)

If you are aged over 16 and are entitled to a Medical Card you can claim Optical Benefit through your local Health Service Executive (HSE) Health Centre. They will provide you with the application form. Alternatively, you can call in to us at 179 Crumlin Road Dublin 12 to collect a form here or telephone us at 01 4542306 or 0868532931 or email and we will post out an application form to you. Once you have completed the application, you then need to send it in to your local office or return it to us and we will forward it on for you. The HSE will process the application and return the Authorisation to you. Once you have that, you can call us to arrange an appointnent.

PPS (PRSI) Benefit (Department of Social & Family Affairs)

If you are working and paying PAYE and PRSI, provided you have enough contributions, you may claim Optical Benefit from the DSFA. It works exactly like the Medical Card Benefit and wou are covered for the same things. Application forms are available from us (as above) or from the Department of Social & Family Affairs, St Oliver Plunkett Road, Letterkenny, Co.Donegal.
You can Call them on Lo Call 1890 400 400 or locally in Dublin at 01 874 8444.

What Am I entitled to ?

Under both schemes, you are entitled to an eye examination and either a pair of distance spectacles and a pair of reading spectacles OR a pair of bifocal spectacles made up to the standard (Class 1) frame - completely free of charge.

If you wish to opt for more expensive frames, lenses, coatings etc., then you would have to pay the extra cost yourself.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

D.Mulvey Opticians Ltd.: FAQ

D.Mulvey Opticians Ltd.: FAQ

D.Mulvey Opticians Ltd.

D.Mulvey Opticians Ltd.


Here is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions that I receive.

1. When did you qualify as an optician ?

I qualified in 1979 and went to work immediately for what was the busiest practice in the country, Mc Givney's in Henry Street. The company celebrated 150 years in businrss a few years ago - it was founded in 1833. Sadly, it closed its doors for the last time in 2008.

2. I am able to see perfectly in the distance but I can't read anything up close. Can you do anything to help me ?

When we hear this question, it is usually from someone who is over 40 years old. When we do an eye examination we usually find that they do indeed have perfect or near perfect vision for the distance, driving, TV etc., but their near vision is impaired to a greater or lesser degree. This condition is called PRESBYOPIA and results from the hardening of the crystalline lens inside the eye over time. The onset is usually in the early to mid forties. The solution is to make READING GLASSES or BIFOCALS.

3. I can see very well up close but anything further than arm's length is a blur. Am I going blind ?

The concern and worry here is very understandable. The problem is, in essence, the opposite one from the last question. The condition is called MYOPIA (SHORTSIGHTEDNESS) and is because the axial length of the eyeball is longer than the focal length of the optical system of the eye. This results in a blurred image falling on the retina. This condition can be remedied by using minus lenses otherwise known as negative or concave lenses. They effectively lengthen the focal length of the eye and cause the image falling on the retina to be sharp.
Greetings Everyone ! This is my first post to the blog that is completely dedicated to my optician's practice. For those of you who don't know who or where we are, here are some details :

About Me :

Name : Dominic Mulvey

Address :

D.Mulvey Opticians Ltd.,
179 Crumlin Road
CrumlinPost Options
Dublin 12

Tel : +353 1 4542306
Mobile : +353 (0)86 853 2931

email :

Web site :