Tuesday, March 10, 2009


5. I find my eyes are tired after a long day at work on the computer. What could be the cause of this ?

If you are sure that you are not suffering from any debilitating illness such as anaemia and that you are getting a full night's good quality sleep, then the problem is more than likely an optical one. You may need spectacles specifically for use with your computer.

This problem may exist in isolation in which case I would prescribe single vision spectacles focussed on the computer screen. It may also be combined with an underlying difficulty with small print in which case I would prescribe bifocal lenses that are designed specifically for use with the computer screen. These lenses have a power in thenm that is focussed on the screen and a small seg which is focussed on the person's reading distance. This allows them to have clear vision at both the computer screen and for very small print at their normal reading distance. They are not suitable for long distance vision and should only be used at the computer terminal. I call these lenses Compufocals (c).

If you feel there may be a problem with your vision when using computer screens, you should contact the Health and Safety Officer or HR Manager in your company and have them arrange for us to call and test the staff in your office (our number is 0868532931).

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